An anticipated film production facility awaits lawsuit outcome, and plans to break ground in 2018.

The residents of Parker, and at least a handful of business entities, await the outcome of a December 21, 2017 lawsuit filed by the Town of Parker against Douglas County. The lawsuit alleges that the county is in violation of an intergovernmental agreement signed years ago between Parker and Douglas County that outlines the handling of land along the border between the two. At the center of the lawsuit is the planned development of a trash and recycle transfer facility by Mountain Waste and Recycling on a location very near to the Centennial airport, and just over the border from Parker.

And on the sidelines, waiting for the dust to settle from the relatively new lawsuit, is Redbarre, who is currently under contract on their initial land purchase for a massive media facility, but who has also expressed concerns about the presence of a waste management facility so close to their proposed operation. There are questions about whether Redbarre will proceed with their plans if the waste facility development is permitted to move forward.

Back in August 2017, with a good amount of fanfare, including a press conference at the capitol building, and with the support of Governor Hickenlooper, Redbarre announced plans for the proposed Redbarre Digital Media & Technology Campus, a proposed 1.9 million square feet of mixed-use space in Parker, CO.

Redbarre executives aim to woo Hollywood away from Hollywood. The proposed campus will include high-tech film production and post-production facilities, as well as a data center, retail and office space, and possibly even a boutique hotel. According to the company website, Redbarre believes that the state-of-the-art facility could bring 4,000 jobs to the area. The company claims to have existing offices in New York and Los Angeles, and they intend to add the Denver metro area to the go-to map for film producers and directors, and others in the tech sector.

While we all wait for the outcome of the lawsuit, as well as development updates from Redbarre, let’s talk about why startups and corporations are so excited about our amazing state, and what it offers! There is crossover between the reasoning given by Redbarre executives for choosing our corner of the earth for the realization of their vision, and the reasoning of other companies who have made the same choice. On the company website, Redbarre execs highlight Colorado’s central location, which is not only convenient for film production, but which is also ideal for fiber runs. Also, they tout the strength of our current telecom/broadcast market, and the size of Denver’s technology ecosystem, which they rank #4 behind other powerhouses like Silicon Valley in California, Boston, MA, and Austin, TX. These high points, and other considerations like our mild seasonal weather, sunshine, natural beauty, cultural opportunities, talent pool, and fantastic lifestyle add up to a pretty enticing package for companies and their employees.


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